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A dental crown is a type of dental restoration that will improve the appearance and function of your damaged tooth. Designed to mimic nature perfectly, Naturally Beautiful dental crowns Birmingham look and feel just like they have grown into place.

Why Do I Need A Dental Crown?

If any of your teeth are too damaged for dental inlays or dental onlays, a dental crown could be the right solution for your needs. Naturally Beautiful dental crowns Birmingham will repair, protect and transform your damaged teeth. Compared to less invasive procedures, this type of dental restoration allows us to improve both the colour and position of your tooth, resulting in a more attractive finish.

Dental Crowns after and before constructionBefore Construction - After Construction

Concerned About Getting A Dental Crown?

People are often worried about achieving a completely natural appearance with a dental crown. That is because ill-fitting dental crowns create black margins near the gum line, while poorly-shaped false looking restorations provide a very unnatural appearance. Because we carefully select and apply the right materials and techniques for each individual case, we always achieve the most natural and attractive results.

Creating Your Natural Looking Dental Crown

After detailed planning with Rob Lynock, your Dental Suite One dentist will prepare your damaged tooth by removing its entire outer surface and replacing it with your Naturally Beautiful dental crown. By working closely with your dentist throughout your treatment, we will provide you with a smile that is complete and perfect for you.

What´s Different About Rob Lynock?

Dental ceramist Rob Lynock pays incredibly close attention to the form and function of each and every individual tooth he creates. To create your dental crown, he will use revolutionary materials called Lithium Disilicate ceramic and Zirconium Oxide both of which offer high strength and fracture resistance. At Dental Suite One, we never use metal to create any of our dental restorations, because the results often look so unrealistic.

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